8 reasons why Laughter is the Best medicine!

Laughing is an easy, fun way to increase your health and well being at a time of great uncertainty where our anxiety is at an all-time high. Even a Laughter Yoga founded by Dr Madan Kataria ( a medical doctor from India) has proven very popular and has spread across 100 countries. Combined with pranayama breathing and laughter exercises, this Yoga oxygenates our body and brain, makes us feel more healthy and energetic. Based on a scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. One gets the same physiological and psychological benefits. Thanks to the mind-body connection, laughing can help you produce feel-good neurochemicals that not only relax you moving away for a cortisol driven flight and fight nervousness to:.

Laugh your way to good health

1. Help your heart work better. 2. Boost your body's immune system. 3. Inspire you with more energy. 4. Lower your stress. 5. Give perspective on emotional experiences. 6. Improve your mood. 7. Manage your feelings. 8. Give you much-needed respite in times of intensity. Laugh your way to good health!

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